In this two-hour online workshop, we explore:

  • How to blend asana with other modalities like FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) in a way that still feels like a flow class
  • Why your class should feel like a purposeful journey and how to create that for your students every time you step on the mat to teach
  • How to structure a class using "home base" positions so that one movement leads to the next in a way that’s seamless—never jarring
  • Teaching strategies (specific to Yoga Detour) that differentiate empowering movement education from typical run-of-the-mill classes

By the end of this workshop you'll have a sequencing playbook in your back-pocket. Not only will it transform how you approach your own practice—it'll bring a whole new level of fulfilment to your students.

The details:

  • This is a recording of a previous event. You can download this recording to access it indefinitely.
  • $47 USD will grant you instant access to the download file. There is no expiry.